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Why the U.S. is so far behind in implementing appropriate Surgery for the Sacroiliac Joint, and why Europe is so far ahead

Currently the main surgery for sacroiliac joint fusion available in the U.S. is the minimally invasive lateral approach technique.  This approach utilizes a small 1-inch incision over the posterior lateral buttock through which a manufactured device(s) is introduced and pushed through the gluteal muscles, through the ilium (pelvic bone), across the sacroiliac joint, and into the Read more »

A New Paradigm for Sacroiliac Joint Surgery

  The sacroiliac joint is no longer an island, it is part of the spine!  This has definite ramifications for those having and treating low back pain.  Despite the fact that the first published paper in a peer reviewed journal on surgery for the sacroiliac joint occurred in the 1920s, this joint has been and continues Read more »

22: Why understanding this number is paramount for those with chronic low back pain

Twenty-two percent of people with low back pain, or a little more than one in five, have the source of that pain coming either all or in part from their sacroiliac joint(s).  Everyone has at least heard the term “sacroiliac” as it is even in popular songs from well-known singers with lyrics like “I got Read more »