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Inflammatory arthritis and chronic sacroiliac joint pain: What do we know?

“Arthur”, as my mother-in-law used to call the common type of joint pain caused by arthritis, is actually called “osteoarthritis” and is responsible for breaking down the cartilage in one’s joint resulting in pain.  It is a mechanical breakdown of that glistening layer of slippery tissue that covers the ends of bones which allows them Read more »

The The Business of Fusing the Sacroiliac Joint and the danger it poses to patients

In 2007 there were no companies promoting surgery for chronic pain from the sacroiliac joint (SIJ), in 2008 there was one, and as 2019 gets going there are 24.  It would seem to the casual reader that this must be a new area of study in surgical medicine, but that couldn’t be farther from the Read more »

Why can’t my severe and disabling low back pain be cured?

Why our for-profit American health care system might be the reason! This is the burning and painful question asked by tens of thousands of individuals each day in America and around the world.  Given that we live in a world of medical and surgical technological wizardry, why should so many people with severe chronic low back Read more »

The Open-Source Journal Epidemic! A New Money Changer In How Science Gets Published

  My first submission of a manuscript to a medical journal was in 1983, and whether it was going to get published or not was up to a small, discrete group of highly educated “old dogs” at the top of the ladder in that field of surgical medicine.  That was during the “golden age” of medicine when a Read more »

Surgery for Chronic Sacroiliac Joint Pain: What We Know and What We Don’t Know!

    Chronic pain from the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) has been discussed in the surgical literature for almost a century by orthopedic surgeons, and more recently neurosurgeons, with hundreds of papers describing ways to address this now very well accepted pain generator.  In the U.S. from a surgical perspective we have gone from a few hundred Read more »

NASS and AAOS are deliberately putting their surgeons at Risk! Why?

  Becker’s Spine Review for orthopedic spine surgery stated last year that up to 50,000 sacroiliac joint (SIJ) fusions will be performed annually in America by 2020.  That is just over a dozen months away.  Currently thousands of patients with chronic SIJ pain are having these fusion surgeries each year and, by the most recent Read more »

Painful Sex (dyspareunia) and the Sacroiliac Joint

  Lucy just made an agonizing decision. She could no longer have sex with her husband due to increasing pain that was now too great to bear. It had started as an unpleasant physical annoyance but had become so severe it now caused her overwhelming anxiety in both the anticipation, and the unbearable pain during Read more »

Is This You or Someone You Know?

Read on to understand the dire effects this hypermobility might have on the sacroiliac joints and other body tissues and organs. This physical act is usually referred to as “being double-jointed” in people talk, but, in reality it is being “hypermobile”.  This mobility in some can go so far as to cause the joint to Read more »

What’s wrong with this picture?

                   Answer:  A Lot!   This is one of the illustrations I created for my book; Sacroiliac Joint Pain: For Tens of Thousands the Pain Ends Here (Amazon;  The book is written for the lay person with chronic low back pain secondary to a dysfunctional sacroiliac Read more »

And the Medical Board answers to questions regarding surgeries on the chronically painful SIJ are:

  Not here!!!  Heck, they aren’t anywhere!?!?   The sobering fact is, there are no answers because there are no questions on board proficiency exams for either orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons concerning surgery for the chronically painful sacroiliac joint!  This is particularly alarming as thousands of these surgeries are performed in America annually. Becker’s Spine Read more »