Sacroiliac Joint Pain: For Tens of Thousands the Pain Ends Here

Millions suffer from chronic low back pain. What most people don’t know is that the sacroiliac joint is the actual source of pain in up to 22% of these cases, and that surgery can provide a cure.


About the Book

This book explains why and how these opposing facts can exist in America today, and how patients with chronic low back pain can be educated and proactive in order to find the best appropriate and permanent relief for their condition.

Diagnosing and surgically treating chronic sacroiliac joint pain
are not currently taught in medical schools, surgical residency
programs or spine surgery fellowships.

Despite this thousands of sacroiliac joint fusions are being
performed annually for pain with this number only escalating
each year.

Featured on The Lori Moore Show

Dr. Dall and Sandra Jones, one of his patients, recently sat down with Lori Moore to talk about his new book and treatment of lower back pain.

About Dr. Bruce E. Dall

Bruce Dall was born in South Omaha. He attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Michigan State University’s affiliated orthopedic residency program and Southern Illinois University’s spine fellowship. He became an orthopedic spinal surgeon in 1985 and began his practice at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. As a young, highly educated, but by his own admission, a yet naive surgeon who expected to have all the answers, Dr. Dall soon realized he, along with his peers, knew little to nothing about how the sacroiliac joint related to chronic back pain, as it was not receiving any attention from the medical education establishment. He also learned that countless patients were suffering from chronic back pain which traditional treatments often failed to relieve. He then began a quest for answers about how to diagnose and treat chronic sacroiliac joint problems, now proven to be a prime generator for back pain.

Dr. Dall’s research and self-training led him to literally create his own treatments, including surgery, for patients whose suffering from chronic sacroiliac joint pain had not been relieved by antiquated and poorly understood textbook methods.

The sources for this book include Dr. Dall’s thirty years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hundreds of patients with chronic sacroiliac joint pain, as well as the shared experiences of several colleagues, laboratory research, and a century’s worth of literature on the subject of fusing the sacroiliac joints together when all other treatment methods failed. He has published several clinical studies on long-term outcomes from surgeries. His development of a minimally invasive method to fuse sacroiliac joints was published in a peer reviewed journal in 2008, and his production of an algorithm to guide clinicians and surgeons through this diagnosis was published as a white paper in 2010.

Following this, the Borgess Brain and Spine Institute, where he practiced from 2005 to 2013, became not only a national referral source for chronic sacroiliac pain, but began receiving inquiries from patients in countries around the world.

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